Our Mission & Charity

Plastic Pollution & The Marine Conservation Society

Our Mission

1. Clean up the ocean

It starts at the source with education. Even a tiny, seemingly insignificant change in your everyday habits can make the world of a difference. Refuse that straw, reduce your reliance on plastic bags (carry a trendy tote), reuse your water bottle and recycle the rest. In conjunction with cleanup efforts, we can leave our oceans in a better state than we inherited them.

Refuse. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

2. Row across the Atlantic

We've got an ocean to cross. As incredible of an adventure this is and as truly wonderous the Atlantic will be there is no denying the inherent dangers and challenges of this row. By committing ourselves to safety and preparations we will make it across, and in record time too!

3. Inspire the next generation

Over the past 50 years, we have unfortunately seen our marine environments damaged beyond belief. But one generations actions can reverse that. By committing to this challenge we, three women of varying vintages, hope to inspire every person to push beyond their perceived limitations. You are your only obstacle and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. You are never too young, old or late to follow your dreams.

Our charity - The Marine Conservation Society

The Marine Conservation Society

Our adventure has never been just about the physical and mental challenge of the row. Central to our mission is using the row to make a difference. Ocean conservation combines our shared passion for the environment with our love and respect for the sea. The more we have learnt about the threat of plastic pollution, the more we realised there was an urgent need to act and raise awareness. Who better to partner with in this cause than the UK’s leading charity in this sector: the Marine Conservation Society.

Support the team in their mission to spread the message on plastic pollution via our support page, or donate to the Marine Conservation Society via our Virgin Giving Page.

‘Our actions have implications for pollution in the ocean, which in turn impacts our health and welfare.’ The MCS

Who are the Marine Conservation Society?

MCS believes too much is being taken out, and too much is being put into our seas. Whilst every day, our ocean suffers – from overfishing, pollution and a lack of protection - every day also presents another chance to make a change. The MCS team works to reduce the threats to our ocean and build an optimistic future. Their scientists, campaigners, volunteers, advocates, data experts, fundraisers, divers and researchers are all united by the common cause of creating a sustainable future for our seas.

It is important to us to support a charity with a proven track record. Every year MCS engages over 1 million people in their campaigns and projects. They make the issues real by drawing a connection between people and the ocean - whether they live and work by the coast or on the water, are occasional visitors, or eat produce from the sea.

Marine Conservation Society: Clean Seas Programme

MCS’ Clean Seas programme has been a leader in reducing marine pollution over the last decade. It focuses on the need to move away from a throwaway society to a circular economy in which all products are designed to be repaired, reused and remade, thereby removing waste and litter.

MCS has led successful campaigns to introduce charges for single-use bags, removal of microbeads in personal care products, changes in labelling on commonly ‘mis-flushed’ items, and a deposit return system being designed for Scotland (and being consulted on for England).

However, our oceans continue to be under threat and the MCS needs our support – in changing our habits; in helping to spread the messages; and in providing funding.

We are proud to be supporting the MCS. We are looking for corporate partners and crowdfunding to buy our boat and equipment and the sale of these after the race will be donated to the MCS. We will also be holding a series of fundraising events in aid of MCS and invite you to sponsor us for our 3000-mile row at our Virgin Giving page- all of these donations will go directly to MCS.

“The Society has a record of sustained achievement and deserves the wholehearted, passionate support of everyone who cares about our marine environment. Our special bond with our coastline and the sea, developed and nurtured over many generations, deserves nothing less.” - HRH The Prince of Wales, MCS President