Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2018

If we can row an ocean, can you say no to a straw?

3 ordinary women rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic this December, to challenge our everyday use of single-use plastic.

For our mission to be realised, we need to fund a boat, technical and life-saving equipment, on-shore support, food and other operational costs.

After the race, we will sell the boat and technical equipment. The money recouped will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society.

Achieving our mission will only be possible with a fleet of corporate sponsors and special supporters.

Andy & Sallie Wilson

Paul O'Shea

Good Luck to all of you


Marcella Geddes

Good luck and well done!


Jill O'Neill

O'Neill & Howell Families

Mark Parrett

I am in oar.

Mark Matten

Get in there. Here's some grub

Grace Williams

Best of luck all of you!


Really enjoyed the rowing challenge at the office, you guys are definitely on course to smash this!

Laura Bruce

This will go some of the way towards paying for the name inscription!!


I admire your determination... and what a great cause. May Posiedon be kind to you!

Laurence Dennis

Good Luck!

Chris Hughes

Mark Allen

Amazing - best of luck and stay safe!


Good luck! Such an impressive challenge to set yourselves.

Keith Davis

Amazing thing you're doing. Good luck.

David Millier

Tom Squire

Kate and Nick Berman

Really proud of you all, an amazing thing you are doing. You will be great! Love Kate Nick and Emily



All the best and good luck! Looking forward to the updates


A great cause - good luck!



The Heatley’s


Rich & Erika



Jason & Louise

Met you all at Henley Regatta. Awesome challenge & a real inspiration. Will be cheering you on!




Paula (not David!) wishes Susan all the very best



Anon Y Mouse


I couldn’t spend the week standing 10 yards away from you guys and not donate.

The Callaways



I greatly admire your courage in entering this competition. Fair winds and calm seas.


Good luck




Jason, Clare, Jazz and Josh

Really impressed Susan with all 3 of you. Good luck! Xx

John & Olivia





Great Adventure for a greater Cause. Wishing Status Row All The Best.

Primordial Radio


What an inspiring cause and an amazing challenge! Good luck to you all.


Peter and Heather

















Astin & Jamie




Wishing you all well. I am very proud of you xxx

The Lacey Five

A great cause and an amazing challenge: We know you will do it!




Fantastic that you're doing this! Vicky x


Good luck!!


Well done Susan & team - the thought of it still makes me shudder, you have my admiration, Clare


I think you are amazing for taking on such a huge challenge for this important cause. Go team! Hels


Best of luck!



Saw your story in Hackney Today and wanted support the amazing work you're doing, good luck!


You are amazing, good luck!! x


Fantastic effort for a highly worthwhile cause.


The Hudsons

Well done and good luck in supporting a brilliant cause. Enjoy the adventure.


I bet it is not chocolate but hope it keeps you going! x


(the one looking after Suze in Pucon on the night this all started!!)


Ray & Sally



Nick & Brid



Sue & Dave

Good for you - a worthy cause! Wishing you all the very best of luck. Love Auntie Sue & Uncle Dave

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Plastic is a cancer in our environment and nature. Let's wipe it out! Brave girls! Xx



Gemma & Peter

Best of luck and stay oarsome!


Good luck ladies! With best wishes, Mercedes



Great cause. Good Luck. Amanda.


Just f**king do it!




You are insane. Good luck.


Diana & Keith




What a fantastic idea. Good luck.

Racing in the 2018 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge this amateur all-female trio will row 24 hours a day for over 50 days from the Canaries to Antigua.

It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

We are rowing in support of the Marine Conservation Society to educate, inspire & drive change. Everyone’s actions have an impact on the health of our oceans, and each of us can do something about it, starting today.

Status Row out rowing with Rannoch Adventure on an R45 ocean rowing boat

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In December 2018, we'll join around 30 boats from around the world at the start line La Gomera to compete in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge - the world’s toughest row. We will be the second ever all-female trio to do so.

For our mission to be realised, we need to fund a boat, technical and life-saving equipment, on-shore support, food and other operational costs. It's a huge target that we can only achieve through a combination of the team's savings, corporate sponsorship (our support-oars) and the 100 club.

After the race, we will sell the boat and technical equipment to recoup some of the costs. All the money recouped from the sale will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society.

Status Row with Rannoch Adventure R45 ocean rowing boat

At the mercy of the elements, we will face a constant battle of sleep deprivation, salt sores and the physical extremes of rowing for 12 hours a day - 2 hours on, 2 hours off. With each exhausting stroke of the oars we'll have just one focus: to get the boat and crew safely to the finish line. It will undoubtedly be the toughest challenge of our lives but if successful we will enter an elite club - more people have climbed Everest than have rowed the Atlantic. Read more about the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

Some things our wonderful support-oars have said.

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"Wow" - Davina McCall

"@StatusRow is on a mission to row across the Atlantic to challenge the everyday use of plastic. By doing so, they want to spread the word to refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle. They are aiming to raise significant funds for the @mcsuk." - @TerraCycleUK

"Proud to support @StatusRow's fundraising efforts with #ShieldpayGiving! You can support the team at: https://hubs.ly/H09M8cD0 Good luck to the girls on their epic efforts to row the Atlantic for charity! #CleanSeas #plasticfree #twac2018" - @shield_pay

"Thank you @StatusRow for visiting us to chat about your Atlantic Challenge! We look forward to seeing you row past #Southend later this year! #CleanSeas #plasticfree #twac2018" - @RadioEssex

"Hi guys, you probably won't remember me, but I was your Uber driver last year.. so proud of you guys on how far you have come.. I know you guys will smash it.. good luck!" - Mamum

"I love your project, and it is inspiring to see "ordinary" women doing extrordinary things.. although you ladies are far from ordinary. You are superheroes. Young girls and teenage girls need to hear about your mission, so they can have you as a role model and someone to look up to instead of looking up to beautiul skinny women who have no skills other than looking pretty! You are the real deal... Let it be known." - @noplasticinparadise

"If you don't already, try to take small steps to make big changes. @StatusRow reminded me to stop using the BIG 4- plastic straws, single use plastic bags, water bottles, and coffee cups. Give them up!" - @AEWeilenmann

"Good luck ladies, what an inspiration!" - @thisisedvin

"Wonderful!! We look forward to seeing this remarkable adventure!" - @GreenfoxFXRK

"It's International Women's Day. We are celebrating the amazing women rowers out there. You ladies rock!" - @HenleyRegattaRF

"You guys are awesome - makes me want to go on a crazy adventure too. You have inspired me the most this International Women’s Day." - @KirkandBert

"Just heard about the fantastic #women who are travelling the world-in a #rowing boat- raising awareness of the dangers of #oceanplastic . Thank you, @StatusRow ! Give these fab folks a follow and pls retweet! Happy #Sustainable #InternationalWomensDay for 2morrow! #sportforgood" - @businessgohs

"Excellent girls. Love what you do" - @wesnature

"Thank you for all you do for us & Mother Earth." - @bmatthewsfit

"... you ladies are incredible!!" - @ArtiSamBespoke

"You Are Great! I'll follow your brave row through humans' plastic waste in our Wonderful Seas of Our Mother Earth!" - @sabahelher

"Every time I see a Status Row post I just think what you're doing is bloody amazing. You ladies absolutely rock!"

"I respect so much what you're trying to do! Wish you the best of luck and you will hopefully bring awareness to this horrible issue" - @bridges2italy

"Good luck girls. Several friends of mine have completed the crossing including Pete Lowe & James Cracknell. It’s a huge life achievement. Something I wish I’d done." - @AklDesignChamp

"Huge shoutout to @StatusRow for making the world a better place one piece of plastic at a time!! It’s a comparing run by three women who will be rowing across the Atlantic to challenge the worldwide use of plastics! Check them out! #plasticfree #zerowaste #pickwaste" - @Pickwaste_

"When we all come together to solve the world’s litter problem, we make the biggest difference of all. Thanks to @OurOcean & @StatusRow for helping & create a #Plastic #PlasticWaste Free World 🌍 #WorldWithoutWaste!" - @ramniranjan187

"Keep up the gr8 work! Appreciate your passion for a worthy cause! Thank you for setting an excellent example!" - @mMicksquared

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"Go! Or, rather: Row! Thank you for your efforts." - @TheOceanTree

"A pleasure to meet you and support your great cause" - @LenstecOptical

"Good luck @StatusRow. We are behind you. @shield_pay giving is on the cards!" - @GeoffDunnett

"WOW you have my attention & support you brave ladies. #prevention #plasticpollution #climateaction" - @SharKirkpatrick

"Good luck ladies! My cousin’s husband rowed Atlantic twice (many more attempts!) so I know it’s no picnic. Dig deep! " - @erebusenv

"Starting out my “cut out plastic” campaign. Small steps so purchased a SodaStream today. No more plastic bottles of sparkling water - #reuse #recycle." - @EilsMG

"Nothing is impossible if you have the inclination, passion, determination, support and enough money! Good Luck Ladies" - @Kagsema

"Epic! Amaaaazing inspiration!" - Kat Ford

"Wow, great work ladies. What an inspiration! Off to tell my daughters all about you #rolemodels #rowing #plasticfree" - @vitorinadw

"@StatusRow you are so right it is always easy to find two mins to pick up litter ♥" - @MsGrateful27

"You're representing Women, you're Ambassadors for Women. Good luck in All you do, we Appreciate you" - @GaongalelwePhe1

"Wow Jessica, what an amazing mission you three are undertaking! wish you success & will be praying that you all keep safe!!" - Jose Weatherhead

"So in awe and incredible proud of my niece. Jessica Rego you truly never do anything half way. Your family is with you and behind you 110%. You make us and Bermuda proud. Love you!!" - Jane Simmons

"You've inspired me this week as I'm no longer getting a plastic lid on my flasks in the morning, and I'm trying to get everyone at work to use the metal cutlery instead of the plastic stuff."

"Wow! Caroline Wilson my utterly amazing youngest step daughter - your passion is overwhelming. Every single one of your friends and family will be there with you - on every pull of those oars. Love you to the moon and back X" - Sallie Wilson

"@StatusRow I didn't know you existed until a few minutes ago! You're absolutely amazing #plasticpollution #plasticwaste I will be watching" - @wakeupwellbeing

"You inspired me to get a good reusable drink bottle" - @BridOConnell

"I bought plastic-free cotton buds this week!"

"amazing thing you're doing... Will be watching closely" - @CEVokins

"Wow - what a challenge to take on for this important cause @StatusRow. Please read, share and support if you can everybody. #plastic #rowing" - @ElliottSportPsy

"You've inspired me too! I've been resuing this bottle for about a month!"

"I want to leave this world better than I found it" Awesome women rowing Atlantic for good of our world @StatusRow" - @HopeintheHearts

"Amazing, epic project. Incredibly envious" - @KateDobinson

"Wow! You go! What a fantastic mission. The best of luck to you" - @hennessypriest

"Amazing! we’re 100% behind you @StatusRow" - @BudeCleanerSeas

"We support you Ladies, and the awareness you will bring ...!!!" - @nationsurf

"What an amazing adventure you are taking on and for such a good cause. Impressive." - @demisthedash

"Bloody good luck with ur trip, ur gonna smash it! X" - Amber Harrison

"Your mission is fabulous."

"I really admire what you are doing, it's an incredible challenge, keep up the good work!" - @trashplasticnow

"Anyone wanting to row the Atlantic gets my vote! #gutsanddetermination" - @TrevorDiggers

"Wishing @StatusRow all the best in the @TaliskerRace 2018! Always great to see fearless women taking on the elements for the cause of #Conservation! #Atlantic #oceanrowing #soundslikehardwork" - @SailBritainCP

"Hello you beautiful people..... You have my support 100%. #endsingleuseplastics #citytosea #nataliefee #removeoceanplastic #marineconservation" - @TrevorDiggers

"Good luck @StatusRow we’re behind you!" - @weareinprogress

"Can't wait to follow your escapades! Everyone at @surfsenioritas is rooting for you!" - @surfsenioritas

"You're awesome" - @cmwg_ato

"Your plastic posts have inspired me! I’ve cut our household use down a fair bit!"