We can't get there without you

Support Status Row get the start line of "The Worlds Toughest Row"

Image courtesy of Rannoch Adventure

We're working hard to raise funds in support of the Marine Conservation Society, but we're faced with costs of over £80,000 just to get to the start line.

For our mission to be realised, we need to fund a boat, technical and life-saving equipment, on-shore support, food and other operational costs. It's a huge target that we can only achieve through a combination of the team's savings, corporate sponsorship (our support-oars) and the 100 club.

After the race we will sell the boat and technical equipment to recoup some of the costs. All the money recouped from the sale will be added to the charitable donations.

You can donate using the PayPal links below or, to ensure that we receive 100% of your donation, please contact us to arrange a transfer.

General Donations

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Some things our wonderful support-oars have said

"Every time I see a Status Row post I just think what you're doing is bloody amazing. You ladies absolutely rock! 💪 🚣‍♀️ 🚣‍♀️ 🚣‍♀️"

"You've inspired me this week as I'm no longer getting a plastic lid on my flasks in the morning, and I'm trying to get everyone at work to use the metal cutlery instead of the plastic stuff."

"@StatusRow I didn't know you existed until a few minutes ago! You're absolutely amazing #plasticpollution #plasticwaste I will be watching 🙂 " - @wakeupwellbeing

"You inspired me to get a good reusable drink bottle 😬 😁 " - @BridOConnell

"I bought plastic-free cotton buds this week!"

"Wow - what a challenge to take on for this important cause @StatusRow. Please read, share and support if you can everybody. #plastic #rowing" - @ElliottSportPsy

"You've inspired me too! I've been resuing this bottle for about a month!"

"I want to leave this world better than I found it" Awesome women rowing Atlantic for good of our world @StatusRow" - @HopeintheHearts

"Amazing, epic project. Incredibly envious 😀 " - @KateDobinson

"Wow, great work ladies. What an inspiration! Off to tell my daughters all about you 🙌 #rolemodels #rowing #plasticfree" - @vitorinadw