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Our mission is powered by this fantastic female trio

Three women with no prior rowing experience, powered by a belief that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, plan to become only the 2nd female trio ever, to attempt to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic.

Meet the brave 3 office workers, whose current biggest daily challenge is crossing London at rush hour, who are taking on the world's toughest row - a feat fewer people have achieved than have climbed Everest!

Jess from team Status Row

Jess Rego

Jess has broken more bones than she can count but still thinks that rowing an ocean is a great idea. A lover of all animals (even the naked molerat) and plants (even you, cactus) she is deeply committed to saving them and making this home we call Earth better for everyone.

Meet Jess

Caroline Wilson from team Status Row

Caroline Wilson

Caroline is known for her love of sleeping for 10 hours at a time (an ideal skill for a crew that will be rowing 24 hours a day). When she's not sleeping, you'll find her running, cycling, climbing or hiking across some form of land mass. A big believer in preserving this Earth and all its wonders, and that together, as a community, we can make a difference.

"I don’t know what a 30ft wave looks like. I guess the only logical thing to do is row an ocean to find out."
Meet Caroline

Susan Ronaldson from team Status Row

Susan Ronaldson

Always one for a good argument, Susan realised too late the Atlantic Rowing Challenge wasn’t a debating competition on the Queen Mary. Nevertheless, she loves a challenge; as long as it doesn’t involve exercise, confined spaces and the use of a bucket. Brought up in a nautical family, she feels drawn to the sea and passionately believes in preserving our beautiful blue planet.

"Unless someone like you cares an awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not" - Dr Suess
Meet Susan

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