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Be one of the first to donate £100 and get your name on the boat and become part of the extended Status Row team!

We're working hard to raise funds in support of the Marine Conservation Society, but we're faced with costs of over £100,000 just to get to the start line. For our mission to be realised, we need to fund a boat, technical and life-saving equipment, on-shore support, food and other operational costs. There's a big list!

It's a huge target that we can only achieve through a combination of the team's savings, corporate sponsorship (our support-oars) and the 100 club.

Club members

Jeannine Duk

Linda Whittingham

Diana & Keith Ronaldson

Lynne Medlock

Jackie Davies

Christian Van Oostrum

Pete & Gemma Goffin

Jennifer Fewell

Nick Allen & Brid O'Connell

Sophie Johnston

Seb Berry

Ray & Sally Speroni

Claire Taylor

David Waddell

Charlie Allsopp

Yvonne Chadwick

Vicky Cox

Nathan Rhodes

The Lacey five

Angela Bill

Malcolm Southend

Astin & Jamie

Patrick Callaghan

Emma Rouse

Lewis Howard

Peter and Heather


Tim Wright

Primordial Radio

Suzanne Goldberg

Dan Read

Annie Tang

John & Olivia

Jason, Clare, Jazz and Josh

The Callaways

Anon Y Mouse

Angela Cogman

Paul Taylor

Helen Waddell

Jason & Louise Chaplin

Ryan Notter

Kaila Engelsman

Rich & Erika

The Heatley's


Alex Porter


David Millier

Mark Allen

Jill O'Neill

Lucy Willans

Kiko Matthews

Paul O'Shea

Andy & Sallie Wilson

Linda El Mejjad

Paul Doman

Hal Foster

Caroline & John Lee

Emma Gardner

Aurelia & Gaia Hellesoy