Join the 100 Club

Support Status Row and get your name on the boat

For our mission to be realised, we needed to fund a boat, technical and life-saving equipment, on-shore support, food and other operational costs. There's a big list!

It was a huge target that we were only able to achieve through a combination of the team's savings, corporate sponsorship, our fantastic 100 club members and the generous donations of friends and family.

Club members

Jeannine Duk

Linda Whittingham

Diana & Keith Ronaldson

Lynne Medlock

Jackie Davies

Christian Van Oostrum

Pete & Gemma Goffin

Jennifer Fewell

Nick Allen & Brid O'Connell

Sophie Johnston

Seb Berry

Ray & Sally Speroni

Claire Taylor

David Waddell

Charlie Allsopp

Yvonne Chadwick

Vicky Cox

Nathan Rhodes

The Lacey five

Angela Bill

Malcolm Southend

Astin & Jamie

Patrick Callaghan

Emma Rouse

Lewis Howard

Peter and Heather


Tim Wright

Primordial Radio

Suzanne Goldberg

Dan Read

Annie Tang

John & Olivia

Jason, Clare, Jazz and Josh

The Callaways

Anon Y Mouse

Angela Cogman

Paul Taylor

Helen Waddell

Jason & Louise Chaplin

Ryan Notter

Kaila Engelsman

Rich & Erika

The Heatley's


Alex Porter


David Millier

Mark Allen

Jill O'Neill

Lucy Willans

Kiko Matthews

Paul O'Shea

Andy & Sallie Wilson

Linda El Mejjad

Paul Doman

Hal Foster

Caroline & John Lee

Emma Gardner

Aurelia & Gaia Hellesoy

Craig Garrington

Nathan Guinea

Craig Ballantyne


Peter & Clare Hope

Another mouse

Danielle Hammersley

Bernadette & Charles

Anne Taylor

Mike Ross

Fran & James Newth

Georgina Manville

Laura Bruce

Alexander Currie

Michael & Sheila Fisher

Tom Wood

Siddharth Dawara

Jamie Jaggard

George Smiles

Marisol, Daniel, Lina & Izzy

Paul Kim

Jamie & Susie Palmer

Neil Hamilton

Heather & Joel Willens

William Wharton

Jen, Dave & Abby

Rosanna Woodhead

Hamilton Huxham

Martin Welsh


Will Gaskell

Jonathan & Carina Helmn

Guy & Wendy

Meg Riddington

Tara Aldwin

Annie Sousa