Jess Rego

Jess from team Status Row

Jess has broken more bones than she can count but still thinks that rowing an ocean is a great idea. A lover of all animals (even the naked molerat) and plants (even you, cactus) she is deeply committed to saving them and making this home we call Earth better for everyone.

Here's why I'm rowing the Atlantic

Updates from Jess

Master Chef, Atlantic Ocean

The Art Of High Seas Seasoning

There is very little in this world that we can control. That is a lesson we are learning every day...

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The Feral Truth Of Bodies At Sea

Some Home Truths

Currently I spend, on average: Less than an hour a day standing or crawling Six hours lying down Four hours...

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel

A Weekly Update

I’m going to come right out and say it… we are crushing it right now. This week we’ve continued to...

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Flying Fish

Flying Fish:5 - Susan:0

The other evening I was rowing along merrily on a solo shift. It was slow but steady and I had...

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Another Week, Another Treat

Jess' 7 day roundup

Another 7 days at sea and what a week we’ve had. We’ve been visited by a passing yacht - very...

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Team Treats, NYE Edition

Celebrating New Years in the middle of The Atlantic

Another week down and oh what a roller coaster it has been. Following our Christmas cheer we were hit with...

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Christmas At Sea

Celebrating Christmas in the middle of The Atlantic

It’s a bit mad to think that we’ve been out at sea for over two weeks now. Time is both...

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Sprinting a marathon

AKA Please keep cheering, even though my life is boring now

Two weeks ago Caroline and I went along to the London Marathon cheer on her partner Christian. He is freakishly...

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Flying through February

The monthly round up of what team Status Row has been up to.

Seriously, where did February go? It seemed we had just settled into 2018 and suddenly it was March! The team...

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Speaking at the Sustainability Development Goals Network

On Thursday evening Susan and I had the opportunity to speak at the #MeetTheSDGs meetup at Leon and we wanted...

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Coach Andy - training body and mind

Sometimes you have to break it to make it stronger

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to meet with Andy Bruce of ACB Coaching and while we walked...

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New Year, New Boat

New year, new me. It’s the cliche heard around the world at the stroke of midnight come NYE. As if...

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Happy Birthday Mom, I wish you were here.

To the woman who taught me what it means to live.

Dear Mom, Happy birthday! It just so happened that my blog for Status Row was due today and, ever the...

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Exploring Explore 2017

What do adventurers do on their weekends?

Well. When we aren’t working out, chasing potential sponsors, sleeping or reminding our friends and families what we look like...

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Stop Sucking

Cutting Plastic Straws From Your Life

Ever since starting our journey to combat plastic pollution through prevention we’ve found a few people always seem to have...

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My teammates are superheroes

(and other stories of imposter syndrome)

I’ve been meaning to write to you all for a while. Much to the frustration of my team I’ve been...

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September Roundup

Setting up our campaign

Wow, September has been a crazy whirlwind of a month for us. September was the month we went from talking...

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Jess - Why I'm rowing the Atlantic

(the one who had to be talked into it)

When the girls first got the idea in their heads that we should row across the Atlantic I was like...

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