Susan Ronaldson

Susan Ronaldson from team Status Row

Always one for a good argument, Suze realised too late the Atlantic Rowing Challenge wasn’t a debating competition on the Queen Mary. Nevertheless, she loves a challenge; as long as it doesn’t involve exercise, confined spaces and the use of a bucket. Brought up in a nautical family, she feels drawn to the sea and passionately believes in preserving our beautiful blue planet.

"Unless someone like you cares an awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not" - Dr Suess
Here's why I'm rowing the Atlantic

Updates from Susan

The Imposter Syndrome

Susan talks about some of the emotions of completing the row.

“You must be so proud” “What an amazing achievement” “You superstar!” “Hero!” These are all lovely things I’ve been told...

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Solo At Sunrise


I was rowing solo at sunrise this morning and realised that there are only (hopefully!) a few more Mid Atlantic...

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Time is a Funny Thing

Susan reflects on what keeps us going

Time is a funny thing. When you’re on shift in the middle of the night, battling to both move the...

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Ready to Row

One day till race start.

One day to go! When you’ve aimed, struggled, worked hard for, dreamed of, put everything into something for months and...

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I'm not the kind of person who rows the Atlantic...

What it feels like to be just a few weeks from the start line

Ever since that moment at the pub back in June last year, when I googled ‘Atlantic rowing race’, I’ve known...

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The mega August and September Round Up!

Wow, we were so busy doing and not writing a month ago - so now it’s two for the price...

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July Roundup

Only four months to go until the start line!

The end of July means it’s just four months until we arrive in La Gomera to undertake our final preparations...

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Poppy comes home!

The highs, lows and more highs of finally having our beautiful boat.

Almost exactly a year after saying yes to rowing an ocean, last weekend I watched our new boat Poppy being...

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May Roundup

As the clocked ticked down to just 200 days to the starting gun, this May have been our busiest month…...

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How's the training going?

The question everyone wants to know

When we first started telling people that we’d had this great idea to row an ocean, soon after exclaiming we...

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5 years today...

Looking back on a day that changed my life

What were you doing five years ago today? I was in a hospital bed wired up to a machine with...

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March Roundup

How has a quarter of the year gone by already? In less than 250 days we will be on the...

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Everyone should have their own Atlantic Ocean…

Susan talks about how dreaming big and setting yourself goals can transform everyday life

‘You’re crazy!’ It’s something I hear quite frequently nowadays. Usually it comes with a smile and a tone of positivity...

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January Roundup

Making new friends

Happy new year!!!! Err, ok we’re now into Feb but it’s time for our latest round up and the big...

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Bye, bye plastic bags!

Would YOU like a 5p carrier bag?

Plastic carrier bags are unsightly, terrible for our wildlife, use up finite natural resources to manufacture and take years to...

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Adventures in Hong Kong

It turns out that planning to row across the Atlantic Ocean is life changing. Over 12 months before the start...

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Adventure with a purpose

Humans have always strived to achieve things that have never been done before… and if they can’t be first then...

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October Roundup

Packed in a lot-tober

October was ‘packed in a lot-tober’ for us as we’ve flung ourselves into our campaign to get Status Row to...

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Plastic Addict

How do you get people to change?

It’s a conundrum that faces me everyday in my professional life as a Change Director and one which is at...

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Susan - Why I'm rowing the Atlantic

(the one with the inspirational words)

For me it started in a bar in Pucon, Chile; a small town at the foot of a rather large,...

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